About Oak Bloke

Ever since I can remember I have been making and designing my own gifts, from personalised cards to an army of peg dolls for my wedding favours. I have loved seeing the reactions of people and this is what has prompted me into stepping into the unknown and to start my own little business, which like an acorn I hope will grow and grow.

I am a Design Technology teacher by trade and love my teaching and the difference you can make to a pupils life. Children have a wonderful imagination and bundles of creativity so I thrive in this environment. Working with different materials every day, you learn very quickly what works and what doesn’t.

Furthermore, I have a keen passion for cooking and this, coupled with a smaller budget over Christmas, led to me making my friends and family personalised chopping boards and coasters as gifts. The reaction was fantastic and everyone said I should go into business selling them…..so that’s when the Oak Bloke was born.

Since Christmas I have been working tirelessly to come up with a range of unique designs and ideas for all occasions whether it be; Weddings, Birthdays, New Home, Retirement, Graduations…the list is endless and if you don’t see a design you like I would be happy to discuss any ideas via email.

I only ever use the very best and most durable wood. After extensive testing and months of trialling, I have now come up with the winning formula. Our boards are made to last and be used on a daily basis. I am a huge lover of long countryside walks and view the oak tree as a natural and much loved symbol of the British countryside, cutting these down would be a travesty, therefore I only ever use PEFC and FSC certified Oak. Each board is finished to the highest standards and given at least three coats of food safe mineral oil and finished with a coat of local bees wax to give it that shine and extra resistance.

The designs have been engraved onto the wood using a laser cutter, which can do extremely intricate shapes and detail, which makes them unique to many of the other companies selling chopping boards online. The oak bloke offers incredible products at incredible price. 

In the future once the little acorn starts to grow, I plan on expanding the business by selling more gifts from door stops to coasters.